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Dec 2, 2007

Card Progress

Yesterday (thanks to my sister who purchased me a Carl cutter for my birthday) I was able to cut ALL the paper I need for my Christmas Cards! YEAH!

Then, I realized that the Carl Cutter has a scoring blade! Wow. It was only $11 at Staples and they will deliver it to my home - for free! On Tuesday. I'll zip all that carstock through the Carl and shabang! Another step closer to finished cards.

Today, I'm going to continue the mass stamping of pointsettas and the hand trimming. Bummer that I didn't find an image that I could use a punch on. That would have been sooo much easier. But you know me, I always seem to find a way to make my life a little more complex than need be!
Oh, man. I designed Christmas cards for my friend, and loyal reader Liz. And - eeks, hers are just as complicated as mine! Sorry LIZ! But, they'll be beauteous I'm sure!

Have a great day!
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