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Dec 7, 2007

Getting Anxious?

Last night, after stamp club, I decided to take 45 minutes to work on Christmas cards. I got such a laugh yesterday, one of you is apparently very anxious to see the final product.....because this was the comment I received yesterday:

Anonymous said...

However, I can't show the full card here till my family and friends get them, or it sorta ruins the surprise! Hope you all understand. wink!

I've been posting the progress to show you all that it isn't really all that hard to make the cards on your own, and if you just carve out a little time each day, you'll be amazed with the progress you can make.

Last night, I assembled the shimmery white flourishes onto their bashful blue mats. Then I worked on attaching brads through the pointsettas. I still have MANY more pointsettas to cut, clearly the most time consuming portion of this product, but you know me, I think the little touches make all the difference.

I also figured out where, and how, I'll insert the photograph of my boys. I'll be using the SU slot punch on the bottom and right hand side of the inside of the card to hold the photo in place. That way, anyone that wants to remove the photo from the card can do so easily, with no sticky adhesive mess to deal with.

Tonight, I'll start stamping the greeting on each of the base cards, stamping my "stamped by Joanne" onto the back, and I'll double slot punch everything to make room for the photo. That's going to be a lot of stamping for 130 cards, but at least I can watch a movie while I do that!! Time consuming, but at least pretty mindless......

Have a great weekend, and see you Monday!
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