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Dec 4, 2007

So, you wanna know?

About my camera? Liz asked what I'm using to take my shots.... I have a Sony Super Steady Shot that my husband purchased for me after our old camera took a swim in a koi pond in Hawaii. You can't imagine how much I love this camera. Its quick, its light and I've had really great results with it.

As for HOW I take my pictures, I've been using only natural light. No flash. That seems to make all the difference. And, I like having the environment of my living room surrounding the photos. Great colors in that room, the walls are yellow, so they reflect a lot of light. I love the soft green in the couch too.

However, now that its winter, the days aren't so bright all the time, and I'm hoping that Santa brings me a little light box so that I can continue to take good pictures even on grey days. Seems a shame to have cards I love and want to share and crummy pictures!!
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