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Feb 11, 2008

Binding it All!!

Now that I've finally delivered these to Christie, Julie and Jillian I can finally share them with all of you! Christie had the Bind It Alls in stock before Christmas and I just couldn't resist. I wanted one so badly. So, I volunteered to make journals for us for our trip.

However, I'll admit, I was afraid to use it. So, I'm here to show you just how easy it is! Nothing to be afraid of!!

For this project, I used the covers from Zuter, but I purchased ivory cardstock from Staples and trimmed it to size with my Carl Cutter. I had a lot of work to do, and I wanted a lot of pages in each journal,so I decided it was more cost effective to just cut the paper myself. Note: I wouldn't even consider this without my carl cutter!

Honestly, the hardest part of this proejct, was decorating the covers. Once that was done, assembly was a snap!

The directions said to mesure the halfway point of the paper to line it up with the center notch. Measure? Blah! What's easier, just fold one piece in half and use that as a guide.

I lined up the paper set by set and punched the holes for the binding. And voila perfectly placed holes. (just had to repeat a few times since I was making a BUNCH of books)

Then I did the same for the covers, again using that folded piece of paper for a guide and pulled down the lever.

Once all the pages and covers were cut, I began the binding process. You rotate the last page around to the front and insert the binding through the holes, and clip the extra with a pair of tweezers (I bought the tool kit..) You want to make sure that the hinged part is up against the back cover so that when it is assembled, the closure is on the inside back cover.

The binding is inserted into this channel on the front of the machine and with another pull of the lever, the binding is closed up.

As you can see, the closure is now in its proper place on the back inside cover.

If you've purchased one and haven't used it yet, then give it a go! If you've been thinking about buying one, I'll just say that it made this project so super easy! And, I already have a few ideas for more once I'm home from CHA!
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