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Mar 6, 2008

Baby Letters

Okay, I hope that you are not all tired of the baby projects? This is the last one for a while.

A family friend is welcoming a new baby into her home and had asked me how to create altered letters. I said that while it is super easy, that she had enough other things to do and that I'd just complete the project for her so she could cross it off her list.

First, my friend Jane and I selected Stampin Up's "Spring Fling" designer paper as the best match for the nursery. I then found these great paper mache letters at Joann Superstore near my home. I loved that they were script, versus the chunky standard alphabet I've seen to date.

I then selected which piece I wanted to use on each letter and had my friend approve the selections and was ready to get started.

I traced each letter onto the backside of the paper. To do this correctly, lay the pattern you want on the front of the letter face down on the table. Then lay your letter face down on the table as well. You will be tracing the letter backwards on the backside of the paper. Then carefully trim out each letter, trimming just INSIDE the pencil line.

I applied a coat of Making Memories Scrapbook Paint in Manilla to each of the letters on the front and on all of the sides for an even base. I then left them overnight to dry.

To apply the designer paper to the letters, I used mod podge. You want a thin, but even coat across the whole front of the letter. Apply the paper and smooth over the entire thing, all the way out to the edges to eliminate any bumps or bubbles. I keep a good eye on them as they are drying as well to smooth out any bumps, bubbles or lifts all along the edge and smooth them out.

I then let the glue dry for about 30 minutes. Once dry, I applied another thin and even coat, this time over the top of the letters. Again, smooth out any bubbles or bumps while the glue is still wet, and watch the items closely during the drying process to smooth out any that might develop.

I left the letters to dry overnight. The next evening, I sanded all of the edges with a white filing block and they're good to go!
Can you even believe I didn't take a final product of the letters before they went out? I'm hoping my sister will grab a picture for me the next time she's over visiting with the baby!
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