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Jun 22, 2008

The new B.Y.O.B.

Welcome to my latest installment of "just a little green!" 

I'd like to thank "chelle" who is the one that came up with that title for my new Sunday feature. Can you believe it was the first suggested title and it ended up being my favorite?   Not only does it tie nicely into my blog name, but also, I love that it reinforces that even the smallest little things that you can do make a difference.  It also was important to me to let you all know that I never want to be preachy about this, just talk a little about what we're doing here at our house!  Chelle please send me an email at when you have a moment! Thanks!

That being said, I'd like to thank each and every one of you that came up with a title suggestion, and for all of your support on this new adventure for my family.  I hope that you'll continue to tune in, let me know if you're joining in on what we're doing, or have any advice to lend on this subject!  


So the new BYOB?? Well, its for Bring Your Own Bags!  I know I spoke a little last week about my love for my reusable bags last week, but I'd just like to share with you just WHY they're so great.

Of course, I think its fabulous that every time I bring my own bags, its one less that ends up in a landfill somewhere! That IS the point right?

However, I also love that I can carry a whole weeks worth of groceries in only SIX reusable bags. No more crummy plastic bags ripping and letting my groceries fall to the ground.  No more having to make fifteen trips in and out of my garage, over the stairs with those junky trashy bags that hold if you're lucky, three items.   

In the event that something does spill in my bag, I just throw it in the wash!  

We recently picked up some mesh produce bags and they're excellent too!  Especially not having to fiddle with that bag contraption in the produce department, or fight with the bag to see which end is the side that opens.  

I'm not sure what your store's policy is, but where I shop, I get a credit off my bill for every bag that I bring of my own.  In fact, my husband tells me that when he shops at the market in Germany, there is a surcharge for every bag that you have to take form the store, because they just expect you to bring your own.  

One day, with a great "a ha!" I walked back out of Target to pick up my bags realizing that they weren't just for groceries after all.  By the way, if you've seen a Target bag lately, you'll see a big list on the side of all the things you can do to reuse the bag. about just not taking one in the first place??  Giggle

The first ten times you shop with them, you'll forget them in the car and go back out for them. But then suddenly, it will become habit and you'll wonder why we haven't always had them.

On a recent trip to the supermarket, my son's friend came along.  As we got out of the car and reached into the trunk for the bags the friend said "Um? What are THOSE?" and I explained that they were our own reusable grocery bags.  My eldest chirped up (happy to repeat the family mantra) "For every bag we don't take from the store, its one less in the garbage."  We did get a look from this boy like we were completely nuts, but then as my son slung a bag over his shoulder to help shop his friend pitched in with "Um, can I please have my own bag too??"  

Last month, at Whole Foods, I was thrilled to see a sign that noted that in the previous week, at that location, customers used over SIX THOUSAND reusable bags in the store, in just one week. Oh was I so happy!  Figure six thousand bags from just that store, from just one week avoided landfills.  I called the store today to see if they had the latest update on bags saved this week, I can apparently get that figure on Monday morning.  

So, if you don't already own a few reusable totes, you can pick some up at the store on your next shop, or pick some up online.  My husband found ours on ebay, but I just googled reusable bags, and found this great site. Trust me, you'll love them.  The planet will too!

Next Sunday, I'll be here to tell you how my husband was able to commute to work for only ten dollars of gasoline for two full weeks!  
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