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Jun 22, 2008

pink and green - my very favorite!

I'd just like to thank Melissa from Kulsea Designs who has created this fun little graphic for all my Sunday Posts moving forward.  How CUTE is this?  I simply couldn't WAIT till next weeks post to share it with you!

You can see all of her fantastic blog banner work over on her blog.

Lastly, I just was reading through comments on today's post and have one more hint. When you're done unloading your groceries from your reusable bags, I just hang them on my door to the garage so I grab them on my next trip out to the car!  That way I don't forget them at home! 

Have a great night everyone!

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Chelle said...


Karen said...

Thought you might want to know that in the dollor spot at target they have these orange zippered things that look like a little wallet, but when you open the zipper it turns into a large reusable bag. I love this because I can fold it, zip it back up and it is always in my purse if I am in need of a bag. Especially good for non-grocery store shopping. I only think about taking my bags when I shop for groceries. Have a great day and thanks for the tips.

Dani said...

So funny! Yesterday I was saying that I, like you, forgot my bags in the car so many times... then you posted this, and once again, I have to say that I finally learned to hang my bags on the door after unloading, too! How funny! We think a lot alike, it seems :)

AJ said...

Omg, I do the same thing!!!
I love my shopping bags!


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