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Jul 27, 2008

Enabler Alert.....My new find.....

So, last week, I cleaned my desk. My girls that come for stamp club, can tell you, its a total disaster area.  But for the first time in a long time, I can see my desktop.  Its a sweet thing.

I cleared the room in anticipation of a product I saw at CHA that I just had to have.  You'll be happy, I'm not enabling any expensive purchase, just my Scor Mat!  I've had a Scor Pal since Gina enabled me.  But I didn't have room for that on my desktop, plus room to stamp, cut blah blah blah.  So, it was on my shelving unit, and to get to it, I had to get up, go get it.  No, that didn't happen.

Enter Scor Mat.  Brilliant!  It sits on TOP of my Scor Pal, and I'm now working on top of the mat, with the Scor Pal on my desk.  My desk is cheapo, not great for stamping directly on, so I always needed a stack of paper as a cushion to get an even impression.  Guess what, my Scor Mat is just perfect for that and now I don't need a big pile of messy scratch paper.  Now, when I need to score I just lift the mat up quickly, score my card.  No crooked folds, no cracks in my cardstock. I love it.  

If you're a math moron like me you can find a handy cheat sheet on the Scor Pal Member Company forum

Plus, can you say SUPER FAST SHIPPING. Placed the order on Wednesday afternoon, was here Saturday to my great surprise.  

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