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Aug 18, 2008

Ahhhh Nuts! (giggle)

For anyone out there that may be following along on the allergy thing here's an update....

1)  I spoke with Mrs Meyers customer service today. They're fantastic.  However, they did say that their "plant based" products are in fact, in most cases, coconut based.  So that's out.

2)  I have a medic alert bracelet on order from Petite Baubles for my eldest before he heads to school. Shame on me, I should have done this long ago, and in fact had every intention of getting one, and the summer breezed on by.  Its being engraved today!

3)  I just ordered a slew of product from No Nuttin.  Granola bars, and some granola clusters. Good safe snacks at home or on the go.

4)  Found myself some new blogs to read from other Peanut Allergy families.  Will be adding a section in my sidebar for those.  

5)  Rewashing clothes and blankets and the like in some conventional detergent free of any dies or fragrances.  

6)  Read a truly fascinating post about a "treatment" that is in the works for Peanut Allergy kids. Wouldn't that be just truly amazing??  Based on a study currently going on at Duke University (go Duke!)  you can read a little more about it over here.

Making progress.....
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