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Aug 3, 2008

Clean and Green

The notion of me being a domestic goddess is just simply laughable.  Especially after the disaster that grew around me as I stamped all those Dirty Dare challenges a few weeks ago. 

I just need Melanie to create a stamp for these t-shirts that reads "Queen of Clutter" that's me. I just like to keep things, not so good at throwing anything out! 

This paper was sent to me as part of a recent swap I organized on Splitcoast for the Gina K Member company forum.  Several of us sent out supply kits to other stampers.  I recieved the most GENEROUS assortment of paper, ribbon, buttons, fibers, and more paper to boot! This only just scratches the surface!  Thank you Laurie SO much.  I'll be posting more creations with my "supplied" materials, but this is my first so far.

So, why am I using this Domestic Goddess stamp for my Green Sunday post anyhow???  I've got a few recommendations on green household products that I happen to love.

The first, is Mrs Meyers cleaning products. I just love that these are safe for my kids, and for the environment too.  And, they do an absolutely amazing job at cleaning and making my home smell fresh!  The general purpose cleaner is such a great value too.  To refill my spray bottle takes only a capfull or so of cleaner, diluted with water.  I've been using that refill bottle for MONTHS without having to buy a new one.  Toilet cleaners usually have such a vile smelling, toxic odor, but the geranium scented toilet cleaner I love. It does a great job, without making my bathroom smell toxic in the process!  

Another thing that I really love are the dishwashing and clothes-washing products from Ecover. My youngest, just has some real nasty eczema, so I'm always looking for a scent free cleaner for our clothes that will get the job done, yet be easy on his skin.  Additionally, I want a phosphate free product so that I'm not contributing to increased algae bloom in the water supply.  I won't recreate the wheel here with all the scientific jargon as to why phosphate free cleaners are a good idea, but please see this article from for more information.

What are YOUR favorite green cleaners? Anyone have a product they'd like to share?  I was anxious to try the Method floor cleaner, but its made with walnut oil. Boooo.  I'm sure it cleanse well and gives the wood a great luster, but with a severe nut allergy in the house, I'll pass on that one.  

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