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Sep 13, 2008

...just a little disclaimer( on my AC post) and an allergy free find!

I just wanted to follow up on my air conditioning post a few weeks ago.  I so hope I wasn't offending anyone with the AC thing.  Lucky for me, up in Boston, we have LOTS of days that AC is totally optional, but clearly for many of you -- it just wouldn't be practical, or hey, even HEALTHY to try to go without.  

In other news, thanks to some really diligent hunting by my husband, and a tip from my friend Ana, we've located some soap that **seems** to be okay for my allergy ridden three year old.  Kiss My Face makes a scentless soap in the shape of a whale.  They make a TON of wonderfula and yummy smelling things, however, our allergies are just complicated in that he can't have citrus (which rules out their orange and berry versions of this same soap) that is of course in addition to the nuts and coconut thing going on over here.

Its totally adorable and my boys LOVE it!  Unfortunately, it appears to only be available in Target.  My husband hit two of them this week and cleaned out the supply.  I'm going to start calling all the local ones to see if anyone else has it.  

I have one other organic and safe product for my boys that has been a huge hit around here!  I'm always so happy when I find a line of products that is created especially with allergic kids in mind.  Such peace of mind for me.  In this case, they make nothing but soybutter, and they test all their incoming ingredients.  I love that.  

Simple Food is actually based here in Massachusetts!  My very picky eater happily snarfs down his lunch now that he gets either a cinnamon soy butter sandwich, or as an extra special treat, a chocolate soy butter sandwich.  I brought sample jars to his open house at Kindergarten and many moms commented that their kids rarely try a new thing but that they loved it, and, wanted to know where they could find it.  

Okay, okay, I do feel a little badly that they fell in love with the chocolate version, but hey, now my kid isn't the "strange one" with the allergy, he's the lucky kid that gets a chocolate sandwich once a week!

Have a great day everyone! Back with the cards tomorrow.....

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