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Oct 10, 2008

Top Note Die Questions Answered.....

Thanks for all your comments and questions on my Big Shot "Top Note Die."  Its been really fun to work with, I've got a new card to share with it in the next few days.  Till then I wanted to respond with a few answers to questions.  

The first question was how did I get the roughed up edge that had a dark chocolate layer behind it on this card.  Easy peasy.  I cut the die two times. Once with ivory and once with chocolate chip.  The beauty of this die is that I can cut both dies with one single pass through my machine!  The die makes a cut out, and also has a perforated line.  You can leave the die whole, use scissor to cut along the perforation line, but in this instance, I ripped all along the perforation line for a rugged look for my "man card."  If you wanted a cleaner edge, you could scissor cut.  Or, for a shabby feel, you could rip around the perforation then sand it, or use an edge distresser.  

Will the Dies work in a Cuttlebug. 

Good question and the answer is yes, and no.  My Top Note die and my Pillow Box die I use with my Cuttlebug, because I haven't yet saved enough for the Big Shot. Its on my list, but I need another workshop or two to save the money.  Since they are smaller than my Cuttlebug cutting plates, they work. 

I've heard it rumored that you can run the longer dies (such as the basket) through as well, but that you need two sets of plates and to end.  And I've heard that if it slips at all, you won't get it cleanly cut.  I'm saving the bigger dies for once I've purchased the machine to match.  But, depending on which dies you have, you can get by with your Cuttlebug.

Will the Dies work in a Sizzix machine?

Hm.. Not sure on this one, only because I don't have a Sizzix, and I don't like to recommend doing something that I haven't been able to test out for you. 

I did just go onto Splitcoast and found this amazing FAQ thread that has lots of helpful advice for the Big Shot.  

Any questions, please ask and I'll update this thread....
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