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Dec 4, 2008

Christmas Cards, Mass Production Style

If you've been reading here a long time, you may remember that last year I shared my Christmas card making process... but not the finished card till they had been received.  Its been a little quieter than usual here on the blog because mass production has commenced. 

I'll admit that I contemplated just buying photo cards this year, because I've been finding mass production totally tedious lately.  But, I can't be the lady who makes cards who didn't make her cards.  So, here's how I get around the tediousness of doing the same thing times one hundred. I break it up into smallish chunks and just focus on one portion of the job at a time....

I spent one morning just cutting nesties.  I cranked them out in less than an hour, which was better than I thought.  Over Thanksgiving break, I spent about 2 hours stamping all the card fronts, and then later that afternoon, I tied knots inside of buttons for a while. Let me just say, that got really really boring very quickly, so I might be skipping the knots on the remainder of my cards!! 

Last night my order arrived from SU, and in 20 minutes, I had ALL MY CARDSTOCK CUT! With the help of my trusty carl cutter. 100 cards, 20 minutes.  Love it!  While I watched TV with my husband, I scored all the bases and got 50 mats assembled with ribbon.

Today, I've got more nestie mats to cut - I tried, hard, to make the card without a double layered nestie, but I just couldn't do it.  If I'm going to make cards, I want to like them, and I'm not so good on cutting corners.  

Tonight, I hope to crank out the last 50 panels and then I'll just have to do the final assembly.  (Right now I can't even think about the fact that I have to go back and print labels, sign cards, enclose photos, buy stamps... aaaak!)  

I've got to just motor with each small segment of the job and feel like I'm making major progress.  

Besides, as long as they get there before Christmas I'm good. Right?

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