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Dec 31, 2008

New Year New Start......

I am admittedly, a cluttered stamper.  My stamping space is a total disaster. Those of you that come here for stamp workshops know just truly what a mess I am.  The desk gets worse anytime a deadline approaches, and usually they're clustered together making for a truly ginormous mess!

And you know what happens when you clean and organize? You make MORE (in my case, much more...) of a mess before it gets better.  I cleaned, eliminated excess, discovered lots of trash (and about gazillion dimensional backings under my desk) and freecycled a ton of scraps to another crafter here in town.  I was in fact shocked to see how much I've "collected" over the last year. 

With a gift certificate from my mother to The Container Store, I got set up with some Elfa Shelving which my husband is now installing. (Thanks MOM!) We bought the shelves in the top half of this photo here.  Many hours to go before I can have any photos to show you...  sounds like reorganization is going all around blogland today. 

I'll be back with photos once everything is installed and I've found new homes for all my stuff!  I can't wait!

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Years!

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