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Jan 28, 2009

just a little find: Vermont Nut Free Chocolate

Just a little shout out to a favorite nut free company that has come to our rescue with safe treats!  My son's kindergarten class is celebrating the 100th day of school next week with a buffet of salty and sweet.  Tasty stuff, but of course I panicked madly when I heard that M&Ms are on the buffet.  Now trust me, I love M&M's but did you know that even the plain ones say "may contain peanuts!" eeks!  The issue is that they're all made on the same equipment and therefore cross contamination is an issue.

A quick phone call to my friends at Vermont Nut Free Chocolate and I've got several bags of "Skippers" on the way, along with a few Valentines pops to tuck away for the boys.  

I'm going to pick up the pretzels and popcorn for the buffet and all the other items will be safe for my son and his little friend (who also has allergies to both peanuts and treenuts.)

A salty, sweet, and safe buffet - what's better than that for little people, or really, lets be honest, big people too!

You can find Vermont Nut Free Chocolates HERE

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