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Feb 24, 2009

just a little find: Family Game Night

We were very fortunate to receive a Wii game system from Santa this year, and my boys just love it.  But, my husband and I agreed that in order keep "screen time" from overpowering our daily schedules, that we would also pick up lots of extra board games to keep those little minds stimulated!

My little one is totally obsessed with penguins, so he was thrilled to receive Pengaloo!  Its a memory game to find various colored eggs.  Its a favorite of my three year old and all my daycare charges too!  The greenie in my loves that its made of all wood no plastic!  I also love that its fast based play, so that if one child wins, we can quickly play again so that everyone gets a turn to win!

My husband and six year old have a tie for their favorite new game, its a toss up between Blokus and Mancala.  I love that both these games further develop my six year's sense of strategy.  I'll admit, that shamefully, my six year old quite often scores better than I do in both  these games.  He very quickly mastered Mancala - before I'd even dragged my behind out of bed on Saturday morning he and my husband already played three rounds! 

We've made board games our new go to present for all the birthday parties we've been attending lately.  We've been sharing all our new favorites with friends! 

If you're looking to freshen up your games closet, or give really thoughtful gifts, you can find all sorts of games, reviews and recommendations, product finders and more at  Time To Play.

This Friday night from 9-10pm EST there will be a Sitewarming Party for #timetoplay over on Twitter. You can chat with Toy Expert Jim Silver and enter to win prize packages!  To read more about the Grand Prize Goody Bag, event details and to register your chance at a door prize, RSVP here on the ResourcefulMommy blog!  

I'd love to know, what games does your family enjoy?  

Edited to add:  I just wanted to share with you, one of Santa's most favorite places to shop for toys - Magic Beans!  While their three stores are located here in Massachusetts, the do also offer online shopping.  In addition to a top notch selection of products, they also have the most amazing customer service! 
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