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Feb 18, 2009

MFT Crew is Twisted Again!

Have you been having fun twisting along this little blog My Favorite Things hop?  

I'll be making the rounds to see everyone's projects in a moment, but you can be sure that I will not have a sip of coffee until I'm done because you just never know what this crew will cook up.

Twisted 2 is now available as well as printed 6x6 paperpacks of both the Spring and Summer collections. 

Many of you know that this set is not for the faint of heart, it is twisted and oh so hilarious! 

I will say though, I was good, and went tame on mine, I mean really, my MOM reads my blog!

My first card uses the "Bunny Slippers" for the main image this reminds me of those mornings when I've either had one glass too many of vino with my friends the night before, or the countless nights when I've stayed up an hour (or maybe two hours) too late crafting when I should have been sleeping.  

On those mornings, all the world is too bright, just a bit too loud. My pj's are just too cozy, and I'd give anything for a swig of orange juice, right from the container.

My second card uses "Think Pink" I went clean and simple on this card.  Making this card the other day reminded me that I hadn't yet made that appointment I've been putting off. So, I made the call.  If you're due for a check, go ahead, make the call, and Get 'em Squished!!

My husband is watching me type this and wonders why I've made such a bizzare card.  He wants to know if "Turn your head and and cough" is also included in this set. I've got tears running down my face I'm laughing so hard....Kim, you can add that for Twisted Three next year!

The next stop on this blog hop is Paula!  Oh my goodness can that girl ever color! I can't wait to see what she's got cooked up for all of us.  Don't forget to travel all the way through the blog hop.  You'll find a set for FREE at the end! 

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