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May 19, 2009

Time for the Bubbly: Coffee Sugar Scrub

I hope you've been having a blast hopping around to see what everyone has done to fill their jars today! If you didn't start at Kim's blog, you'll want to head over there so that you don't miss anything along the way!

I am a bath product junkie - but now that I've got kids, I feel guilty spending lots of money on expensive shampoos, scrubs and what not.  My husband likes to call the hand rail in my shower the "spice rack" because I've got little bottles of "stuff" all lined up.

I'm going to walk through the ingredients in my jar as well as details on my project, but in case you're just looking to hop along, the next step on this fantastic blog hop is FRANCES!

One of my favorite indulgences used to be the Origins sugar scrub.  But seriously, its sugar and oil!!!!  So, I let my fingers to the walking and was able to make a yummy sugar scrub with ingredients I already had in my pantry, it cost me NOTHING!  

And, as a bonus, I happened to have all the organic versions of my ingredients, so this little scrub has no chemicals, no preservatives, its completely natural! 

I filled my jar with sugar, then poured it out into a mixing bowl.  I should have been more precise, but my guess is that its 2-3 cups of sugar.  I added about 1 1/2 cup of olive oil.  From my reading online, the preferred oil to use is avocado oil or almond oil.  But, since I didn't have avocado oil handy (although it sounds delicious!) and as both my children have nut allergies, I clearly don't have almond oil.  I did check though and both are available at my local supermarket.

Then I added in a dash of vanilla for a tasty scent, and five tablespoons of ground coffee.  If you wanted to give this sugar scrub an upgrade, you could substitute essential oils or even add in a fresh vanilla bean - my supermarket carries them both, but with just my standard ingredients it was perfect!

You *can* mix everything directly in your jar, but I'll just say the oil and coffee was getting a little messy.  I mixed it all up in a bowl, then smooshed it back into the jar.  The extra was my serving for a shower this morning.  I of course couldn't recommend it till I'd tried it! 

The coffee was a great exfoliant and the scents were amazing!  As my shower got all steamy the whole bathroom smelled like a warm vanilla coffee. YUMMY!  And after I got out of the shower, my skin felt so soft.  I will warn you however, that you will have to clean out any remaining residue off your shower.  For me, it was a wonderful excuse for an extended shower - just about the only quiet time I'm likely to get any time of day!   

Depending on what you put in YOUR jar, you can stamp the label, or create a little tag like I've done here.  I created a quick bellyband for my jar and adhered it with Zip Dry Glue, it is 2" in height.  Then I traced the lid onto the backside of a piece of coordinating cardstock, and trimmed just inside the pencil line.  I adhered it with a bit of Zip Dry to the top of the container then sanded all the edges. 

Once I had my jar all altered up, I decided it really needed a matching card using "Time for The Bubbly." It was easy to do since I already had all those leftover scraps from my jar project!  I'll use this to include the ingredients and a little note to the recipient!  

I even found a cardmakers size of that fun damask print in my stash pile for a smaller scale print for paper piecing the wallpaper!  I don't usually add two different ribbons to a card, but I was going for girly girly on this so I went with it anyways....

Thanks so much for visiting and reading my GINORMOUS post today!

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