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Jul 21, 2009

Cutie Gift Set

Last week, such a *sweet* little set was released from My Favorite Things Presents by Stephanie Fizer. Its called "Feelin' Fruity." I have a little thank you gift to give to a friend, and thought this would be a summery little bit of sweetness in her mailbox!

I inked up the strawberry and the watermelon for this little project and dug into my scrap pile for a summery assortment.

Quite often when you're making a card, you'll have enough "extras" from cutting down your cardstock that you can make two projects at once.

In this instance, I fiddled around with the leftovers and decided that I had enough to put together a bellyband with this circular panel to cover an acrylic box. Its filled up with Jolly Ranchers - I love that the clear box shows all the candies.

I've been reaching for this red, green and yellow pallette a lot lately. Maybe I've found a new favorite for the summer?

I wish that today was as cheery and sunshiney as this project. Its raining, and small people are crabby. I'm off to entertain them... and maybe sneak a piece of candy when they aren't looking!

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