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Aug 4, 2009

Click Clack - You're Just My Type

I so adored this image from Stamping Bella when it was released and scoffed it right up! Although, I've been so turtle obsessed lately that I haven't had time to play with it. I remember sitting in ninth grade taking a typing class. On actual typewriters!

Don't you remember typing tests, letting your fingers memorize the placement of each key. That poor teacher, can you imagine how her head must have hurt at the end of each day from the constant click clacking of the keys?

That was back in the day where you had to be careful about your spelling, and get it right the first time, or you'd have to go back and use white out, or eraser tape to fix your mistake.

There were no keyboard shortcuts, no texting acronyms - no smiley faces in your typing. Formatting didn't mean opening a preset template, you actually had to set your tabs, count your spaces. Remember trying to CENTER a word on the page the hard way. YIPES!

But, through this class, I became a super fast typer, and, lets just be honest, I also had a lot of time to make eyes at the cute boy in my class. Ah, some things never change.

Adorable "Just My Type" is from Stamping Bella and is found HERE. Includes five fun sentiments that you can use for your stamped little page!

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