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Nov 5, 2009

Required Accessories

Yikes! I'm having some painting done at my house, and lets just say that as far as painters and belts go, it should not be an OPTIONAL accessory. Bad mental picture, burned into my brain...

So, imagine how hard I laughed when sifting through my Stamping Bella collection for an image to work with when I found a little turtle, that I hadn't yet colored up. Seriously, what use is this hobby if I can't amuse myself.

I'm going to need to send a card to my neighbor to apologize for the scary sights she must have seen while he was working on my front door.

I'll be spending the day keeping the kids in the basement while the dining room is finished up - under the illusion that I don't want them to touch the wet paint. Truth be told, really I'm trying to protect their innocent little eyes from a serious case of droopy drawers.

Sorry if this is all Too Much Information, but really, the life of a stay at home day care providing mom is sometimes nothing but funny.

You'll find this cutie pie and all his Turtle Tot friends at Stamping Bella. You can bet this Turtle keeps his private parts all belted up. He's too cute to show crack. (I'm rolling with laughter right now...)

I apologize for the lack of layers and sewing on this card. My house is TRASHED from moving all the furniture out of the dining room for the paint job, floors all need to be swept and cleaned, dishes have been neglected as we're cowering in the basement... This afternoon I've got to whip up something for tomorrow's Bellariffic Friday while entertaining the boys. I'm feeling a little Mario Kart Wii marathon in the making no?

Don't forget your samples for Bellariffic Friday are due today by 5pm to Emily. You can read all the details here!

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