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Dec 15, 2009

A sketchy TCP Tuesday

Its TCP Tuesday again and this week Jen is our hostess and she whipped up a FUN sketch for us to work with!

Yes, I know it is so close to Christmas, but my crafty side is already yearning to work with valentines paper and adornments. So, I took a few hours break from Christmas preparations to stamp up a little love - TCP style.

My sweet little rocket from Puppy Love just needed something as I looked at it stamped and colored on the page... and guess what it was.... my "faux-poxy" treatment from yesterday's tree card. (I told you, I get stuck on things...and go on a little jag....but if you come here a lot, you already figured that out!)
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, be sure to scroll down to see my trees from yesterday's post!

I also was brave, and added stickles to the trails of the rocket and then once the Diamond Glaze driect, I added it to the two hearts on the rocket.

You see, normally, stickles just scare me. I always make a mess with them, smear them across my card etc. However, since I had to set the card aside to let the glaze dry, I figured I could safely add stickles, and then back away from the card. (This is where the hard part is for me, I can't fiddle with it while it dries, or else surely, I'll destroy it in the process. And sadly, the fiddling and preening my cards is usually significant...)

Don't forget to swing on over to Alma's place to add your sketchy sample to the guestbook for YOUR chance to get swanky! Oh my goodness. While I was linking up this post, I saw the most amazing sample from Alma of a wreath made entirely of buttons!!! You've got to check it out!

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