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Sep 7, 2007

Should I Sew It?

With the zillions of blogs I've seen with people using actual stitching on their cards, I'm pondering the idea. I saw that I missed out on an amazing sale for the Janome Sew Mini in early August. RATS!

Wondering if any of you bought it, and are you actually using it? How is it to work with? I just LOVE Cambria's work with that thing, it was (and ahem, I mean continues to be!!) stunning!!! Then I saw that Jodi got one too...AND MADE SKIRTS FOR HER DAUGHTERS!!! So stinkin cute!!

So readers, any adivce for this novice? Any hints on where to get the best price? Any rumors on upcoming sales on it. Seems to me whenver I buy something, it goes on sale the next day!
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